Selling Your Luxury North Bay Home

I’m not going to tell you that selling your luxury home is hard and that you need to hire me to make it easier. Because, frankly, that’s just silly. Most homes end up on this thing called the MLS (multiple listing service). This is how everybody from real estate agents to consumers from Silicon Valley to Timbuktu are able to browse your home on the net via a gazillion sites. That’s the way of the world nowadays. Here is why I think you would benefit from having the right professional help you, and of course I hope I am righter than most, when it comes to selling luxury North Bay estates.


A frustratingly over-used word, I know. Here is what it means to you, the seller. It means that you want your gorgeous property to look like however many million dollars it’s worth, no matter where on the Internet or in print people stumble on it. Here is what it means to us. It means that a person browsing estates on their iPad while watching re-runs of Mad Men in their PJs unwittingly sighs in appreciation when their eyes pause on the photos of your home amidst a sea of others. They feel the texture of every surface, the soft rustle of the leaves in the evening breeze, smile at the vibrancy of those Venetian Reds or feel a sense of calm watching the coastal fog roll in through one of the bay windows. A picture might mean a thousand words, but for us, a picture needs to evoke a thousand emotions. It needs to make the viewer feel. It’s a prelude to a love affair, the first smoky whiff of Lagavulin after a long day, the first soft kiss of the one you are meant to be with.

That’s what presentation means to us. I won’t bore you with the logistics of it all. Yes, complimentary staging consultation, professional photography, custom, one of a kind printed materials, a website built just for your home and all sorts of other things are involved in creating that initial connection. I’ll simply say that selling your luxury home to us means making a perfect stranger fall in love with it for all the right reason, for them.


I argue well. Maybe it’s the attorney in me, or maybe it’s part of the reason I became an attorney in the first place. I don’t mean loudly, or arrogantly. I mean effectively. Sometimes the difference between a successful sale and not so much amounts to a few words lazily thrown into an offer or another party’s ego getting in the way. I make sure nothing gets by me, and while I am always respectful, I do not back down when my clients are counting on me to represent them.

Here is what just a few of my recent seller clients had to say:


“With her bevy of stagers, graphic and web designers, photographers and even a feng shui expert, no one else will showcase your home better than Tracy which is what it takes to get the highest price in the shortest amount of time. There is no better realtor in the North Bay, period!”

– Marcia & Michael Yallech

“Tracy is the quintessential professional. Her advice was invaluable and her enthusiasm was infectious. She came in with a plan and executed it to perfection, which enabled us to sell our home in record time! Grazie mille.”

– Leslie & John Papola

“I was able to trust you completely [in the sale of my aunt’s home]. I do not live in the area and was unable to “keep an eye” on things. You did this for me. You started the car in the garage so it wouldn’t freeze up; you checked the work that the painter and cleaner did and had one of them go back and re-do their work. You are by far one of the most pleasant, thorough and knowledgeable professionals I have had the pleasure to work with. I would use your services again without hesitation.”

– Merry Morgan

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